Welcome to Prairie Lights!

It is our joy and passion to provide you with exceptional quality, healthier, 100% soy wax candles! – and now, soaps too!

Why buy Prairie Lights candles?

In addition to being a luxurious, ECO-FRIENDLY, & affordable gift for anyone:

  • Soybeans are a renewable and sustainable resource grown by American farmers
  • 100% premium soybean wax – no fillers or additives!
  • Lead-free, natural element wicks – not chemically treated!
  • Less soot means better air quality for your home
  • Excellent hot AND cold scent throws
  • Premium fragrance oils
  • Longer burn times than petroleum-based wax

Our highest-of-quality candles are for the more sophisticated and health-conscious candle lover. Scented with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils and pure essential oils, we top our 100% soy wax off at its maximum fragrance load for optimal hot and cold scent throw.  Our wicks and our 100% soy wax are clean-burning, without any chemical treatments or additives, unlike many other candles (even other “soy candles”). Look for “100% soy” or it may be a blend of toxic chemicals! (For more information Paraffin verses Soy Wax)

Our container candles provide you with the comfort of knowing there will not be any melt-outs that sometimes happen with pillars, and they are made with eco-friendly, recyclable glass. We try to use only glass that is made in the USA.

We are in constant pursuit of prime ingredients for our high-end products. Our goal is to provide superior, yet affordable, 100% soy candles and natural soaps! Therefore you may see us discontinuing a fragrance or switching it out with something even better.

Our ambitious hope is for everyone to stop using paraffin (petroleum!) candles, or blends thereof. They are toxic! – to your body, to your home, and to the environment! However, all-natural candles require a little extra TLC. (Click for information on proper Candle Care.)

The tranquility a candle brings to your inner sanctum is highly therapeutic.  It sets the tone of your surrounding; its’ fragrance links memories from the past to the present.

“Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes…”

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