100% soy candles and natural soaps


Welcome to Prairie Lights!

It is our joy and passion to provide you with outstanding quality, hand-poured 100% soy wax candles and natural, hand-crafted soaps! We strive to reduce the toxic load to the body & environment without sacrificing aesthetics & beauty.

Yes! We make our candles and soaps ourselves! We are a 3 generation family-owned and operated business!

The simple things in life can make all of the difference in our day.

Fresh zest of lemon fragrance rising up to greet your nose as you enter a room, awakening your taste buds with cheery memories of delicious lemon meringue pie –

Velvety, warm, soft bubbles gently gliding over your skin during your morning shower…Your ears can almost hear them happily burst with a cheerful “hello!”

Our candles and soaps will arouse your senses – grounding you to the pleasure of the moment.

Why buy Prairie Lights candles?

In addition to being a luxurious, ECO-FRIENDLY, & affordable gift for anyone:

  • Soybeans are a renewable and sustainable resource grown by American farmers
  • 100% premium soybean wax – no fillers or additives!
  • Lead-free, natural element wicks – not chemically treated!
  • Less soot means better air quality for your home
  • Excellent hot AND cold scent throws
  • Premium, PHTHALATE-FREE fragrance oils
  • Longer burn times than petroleum-based wax
  • (For more information, read Paraffin verses soy wax )

Why buy Prairie Lights soaps?

In addition to being a luxurious, ECO-FRIENDLY, and affordable gift for anyone:

  • Our soaps are true soap – using premium, conditioning oils that have been saponified
  • We use only premium, PHTHALATE-FREE fragrances
  • We use certified organic ingredients when economically available
  • We research our additives and add skin-loving ingredients
  • Most of our soaps are VEGAN-FRIENDLY

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Made right here in the Sunflower State, USA

Made right here in the Sunflower State, USA