100% soy candles and natural soaps


Welcome to Prairie Lights!

It is our joy and passion to provide you with outstanding quality, hand-poured 100% soy wax candles and natural, hand-crafted soaps! Our goal is to reduce the toxic load to our bodies & to the environment without sacrificing our sensual aesthetics.

The simple things in life can make all of the difference in our day.

Fresh zest of lemon fragrance rising up to greet your nose as you enter a room, awakening your taste buds with cheery memories of delicious lemon meringue pie…and then the soft glow of the candle.

Velvety, soft bubbles trailing behind the soap bar, gently gliding over your skin, so cleansing, so soothing… filling the air with captivating fragrance…

Our candles and soaps will arouse your senses – with delightful fragrance, with visual beauty in simplicity, with the touch of a warm glow – grounding you to the pleasure of the moment.

Why buy Prairie Lights candles? You can read more on our “Candle Bar” page.

Why buy Prairie Lights soaps? Check out our “Soap Bar”

Who are we? We are a family. 4 generations of input and opinions and recommendations. We try it out, try it again, and then try it some more! We have always enjoyed working with our own hands to create beautiful and healthy things for ourselves and for each other. We are candle addicts, so we make candles. We love handcrafted, conditioning, pampering soaps, so we make soap. We love rich and luxurious body butter, so we make it ourselves. We love to take long soaks in the tub – but with purpose 😉 – so we make rich, moisturizing buttery, truffles and deep muscle soaking salts.

It is simple. These items are from our family to yours, with love.

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Made right here in the Sunflower State, USA

Made right here in the Sunflower State, USA