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Fall Soap – ‘Fall Flurry’ – ORGANIC Soap in Autumn Colors and Fragrances

Fall Soap Fall Flurry

Fall Soap: “Fall Flurry”

Our second Fall soap we call ‘Fall Flurry’. For us, Autumn brings howling breezes that swirl colorful leaves around in little twisters. Decorations in purples, greens, and blacks, – starry nights lit up with jack’o’lanterns – a flurry of colors! I tried to mimic the fragrance of Absinthe – anise essential oils, cassia cinnamon essential oil, a little orange, some herbal greens, and anchored in amber and wood. It is a fun, perhaps eerie, perhaps frolicking, design.

Although the colors are dark, the lathering suds are not.

In fact, our soaps made with ORGANIC oils known to condition the skin work up quite a copious lather!

Our soaps are sudsy!

You can find this limited edition Fall soap, along with our ghost soap “Phantasm”, and our gorgeous “Kansas Sunset” soap, in our Etsy store here. 

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