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Kansas Sunset Fall Soap in Blood Orange Fragrance

Kansas Sunset Fall Soap

Kansas Sunset

Kansas Sunset Fall soap

Kansas Sunset Fall soap is the first for partner K. He calls this ‘Kansas Sunset’. One thing about this state – the sunrises and sunsets never disappoint! Breathtaking! So he designed a soap to replicate the pinks, reds, oranges, burgundy, that surround the glowing yellow sun setting in the eve of a long day’s work on the prairie. The fragrance is Blood Orange with a hint of Teak wood to anchor it.

I was tired of him saying “You should make this!” This time when he showed me a picture and said those words, my reply was “You can make it and I will show you how!” It took a little convincing, but before too long he was planning out his Kansas Sunset fall soap colors.

I stood by as his sous chef, asking him “More color?”, “How is this?”, “Which one do you want me to hand you?”. He liked bossing me around a little too much. Hahahaha! 😉

In the end, it was worth it. What a beautiful soap he made! Don’t you agree?

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