100% soy candles and natural soaps

Mac’s MANdles

Kansas-inspired Candles

                            MANdle candles in 100% soy wax

MANly canDLES – With masculine style and fragrance!


MANdles are the brain child of “Mac”. These candles come in practical, stylish, & sleek silver tins in fragrances that appeal to the masculine side.

These make excellent gifts for men and boys, but women like them too!

Keep one in your suitcase for traveling!

Kansas-inspired, Kansas made.

Inspired by the men (and women) of Kansas, we reinvented our MANdles line to reflect and honor the hardworking men (and women) of the Midwest.

With an increase in a desire to be self-sufficient, it is common that one person or family performs all or many of the following roles successfully. We do not see these inspirations as mutually exclusive, in other words. Nor do we ignore the strong women of this state who inspire us as well. However, MANdles is a line of candles and soaps with masculine appeal. And so we introduce…

Kansas-inspired soap

The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper – Rich, succulent, golden honey fragrance with local honey added for a deeply sensual experience. The vast rolling plains are decorated with multi-colored wild flowers from Spring until Fall. This is the perfect environment for both bees and beekeepers to thrive in. Our honeycomb-shaped soap with a hardworking honey bee reminds us of the sweet fruits of labor.

Kansas-inspired soap

The Businessman

The Businessman – Neat and clean, high-end cologne fragrance that lingers just enough to give a noticeable “mmm!” as he walks by. The soap shape reflects our vision of a crisp, white shirt fresh from the dry-cleaner, ready and waiting for today’s choice of tie.

Kansas-inspired soap

The Farmer

The Farmer – Fresh outdoor fragrance of uplifting lemongrass. The recognizable green and yellow of the JD tractor plowing through lush fields of wheat, soy, sorghum, and corn, leaving behind tread marks in the soil was our vision for the shape of this soap.

Kansas-inspired soap

The Rancher

The Rancher – Earthy blend of teakwood with a touch of leather that is as alluring as the proverbial cowboy. Driving along Kansas roads, one can still see the wooden fence posts and barbed wire from long ago. Inspired by our imaginations, we created our own soap mold to reflect and honor this history.

Kansas-inspired soap

The Soldier

The Soldier – Clean and freshly showered soldiers reporting for duty! “Double Tap” soap is inspired by the sounds commonly heard around this area as soldiers train to defend our great country. Having soldiers in the family, we know that lingering fragrance is frowned upon, so this soap keeps it invigorating in the shower, but non-lingering once in the uniform. We not only thought of soldiers, but those security, investigators, police officers, and others who actively lay their life on the line to protect and serve our country and community. Nevertheless…. “Hooah!”

You can order MANdles soaps and candles through our Etsy store, click here.

Want to extend these awesome fragrances? MANdle candles in the sleek and elegant silver travel tins are available in the above scents. Made from 100% soy wax grown here in the Midwest!

Kansas-inspired, Kansas-made, and Kansas-grown (Midwest).