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Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

Mother’s Day Gift Time!

My #mom is an amazing woman. She worked hard to create memories for us while we were growing, and now that we are grown, with children of our own, she still amazes us with her creativity and devotion. I could go on and on about this incredible woman, her tragedies and triumphs, but that isn’t the jist of this reminder post.

In addition to my public awe over my own mother, I want to remind us that there are many kinds of mothers in this world. Those who are like a second mom, those who are like an adoptive mom, those who are as close as a mom, those who mother other living organisms as a mom, even for those dads who have chosen to take on the role of nurturing mom… Thank you.

For all she has done, this is the time of year to purposefully show and say ‘Thank you, Mom.”

We know what moms like. Something they would love, but would not necessarily buy for themselves. Something that makes them feel special more than just one day a year. Something that makes them feel confident and attractive, as well as something that reminds them of YOU. What could possible accomplish all of these wishes?

Our thick, luxurious lotion with a matching effervescent soap!LS & Lotion

A gorgeous, eye-catching candle to remind mom of you, as well as to fill the room with alluring fragrance!recycled glass candles

Or how about our pampering, buttery, decadent bath truffles? #momlife can be quite stressful. A glass of wine and a shea & cocoa butter truffle in the tub will soak away her stress.

bath truffles

Aromatherapy Bath Truffles

We can put together a gift basket for you. Just message us and we can discuss it.

We can send the gift straight to your mom! Make sure you allow us time to make it and send it. (Order now!!!) or before Friday, May 5.

You can contact us through PrairieLightsCandles at gmail dot com, or through Etsy.

Local orders, to avoid shipping charges, use this website store and select “local pick up”.

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