100% soy candles and natural soaps

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Recycled Colored Glass Soy Candles

Individually hand-poured soy candles, customized to reflect your personal choice in fragrance and style…

We at Prairie Lights care about health and the environment. We use #nonGMO, made in the USA, 100% pure soy wax without any additives. Our fragrances are phthalate-free. (Pthalates are a common allergen and are in many fragrances!) Our essential oils are tested for purity and likeness. Our containers are chosen because they fit one or more of our “go” words:

Recycle * Repurpose * Reuse * Reclaim

We are passionate about our #soycandles! We #lighttheway with only the best for our family – and for our customers!

For an added bonus, check out our luxurious, organic, handcrafted soap! Several are available in our seasonal fragrances, allowing you to pair your candle with a matching or coordinating soap.

Soybeans are a renewable, sustainable resource, and we use only:

  • Non-GMO, made-in-USA, 100% soybean wax – no blends, fillers, or additives
  • Lead-free, natural element wicks – not chemically treated
  • Premium, PHTHALATE-FREE fragrance oils
  • Master Herbalist proprietary blends of essential oils
  • Non-GMO, made-in-USA palm wax (for our pillar candles)

Our candles provide you with

  • Excellent hot AND cold scent throws
  • Longer burn times than petroleum-based wax (paraffin)
  • Less soot means better air quality
  • Enjoyed by all ages and genders
  • Luxurious, affordable, eco-friendly gifts
  • Ready to repurpose containers (The gift that keeps on giving!)

Our premium candles are for the sophisticated and health-conscious candle lover. Scented with PHTHALATE-FREE premium fragrance oils and pure essential oils, we top our unadulterated soy wax off at its maximum fragrance load for optimal hot and cold scent throw.  Our fragrances and essential oils are as pure and of premium-quality as we can find; we test them all ourselves to see that the essential oils duplicate the true, natural plants & herbs they are derived from, and that the fragrance oils match our expectations of true-to-name.

Our container candles provide you with the comfort of knowing there will not be any melt-outs that sometimes happen with pillars. They are poured into reusable, eco-friendly, recyclable glass. Soy wax will “pop” out of the container and the jar will wash up easily with hot soap & water, making it ready to repurpose!

For healthy candles, please keep your wicks trimmed to ¼” and burn at 2-hour minimum intervals.

For descriptions of our current fragrance options, see the drop-down menu for this page.

Paraffin verses soy wax

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feathered palm pillars

Feathered Palm Pillars