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Fragrance Line

2018 PLC Fragrance Line

Individually hand-poured candles, customized to reflect your personal choice in fragrance and style…

Amber Romance – Sultry, sexy high-end fragrance and essential oil blend in a base of amber. Complex combination of top, middle, and base notes include vanilla, musk, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, and orange. It is such a requested scent that we had to permanently add it to our fragrance line.

Apple Harvest – This fragrance makes us wish our apple trees were in full fruit! The fresh and bright scents of fresh-cut apples in a variety! The sweet of a fresh delicious, the spark of a fresh granny smith, the balance in a jazz… It combines all of the best for a bright fruit fragrance. Very popular with customers! Check it out in our soap!

Blue Spruce – We chose to keep this fragrance year-round because it is VIBRANT! Perfect for creating that uplifting, cool and fresh feeling any time of year. This is truly an enchanting fragrance, ergo our occasional re-name “Enchanted Forest”. Use it in our liquid soap and WOW! We are hooked! This fragrance is infused with essential oils to give it that extra kick!

Caramelized Pralines – For those of you who are vanilla-lovers, but are looking for something with a unique twist, this is it! Traditional sweet vanilla base with mouth-watering undertones of warm, nutty pecans and brown sugared buttery caramels. This fragrance makes it hard not to lick! Yum!!!

Cinnamon Sticks & Vanilla Bean – Spicy, warm cinnamon blended with sweet vanilla beans make this fragrance/essential oil blend wonderfully inviting. Great for any time of year. It is the perfect balance.

Creamy Coconut – Sweet and creamy coconut fragrance brings memories of suntan lotion, waves, and sand. Yummy!

Coconut Jasmine – Our own blend of a perfect, well-balanced jasmine paired with a lovely coconut fragrance. This is a perfect combination of soft floral and sweet coconut.

Coconut Orange Cardamom – It reminds me of a tropical island – coconut and citrus with a hint of spicy cardamom. There is something unique about the combination, and yet familiar. Just gotta have it!

Frankincense & Myrrh – Alluring and aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh, including an infusion of essential oils, makes this fragrance deep and sultry, as well as grounding to the spirit. Both frankincense and myrrh have been used for centuries in healing. We use this in our “We Three Kings” soap during the holidays!

Gingerbread – Warm and fresh from the oven, spices and vanilla sweetness will make your mouth water and tummy grumble. Delicious fragrance and essential oil blend.

Jasmine – This fragrance is an exotic blend of freshly-cut jasmine flowers that bloom on a midsummer’s eve.

Lavender – A true-to-life fresh lavender fragrance and essential oil blend! Perfect! This will stay a permanent fixture in our fragrance line.

Lavender Mint – We love lavender neat, and we use mint all summer long, so when we saw this fragrance, we thought we’d give it a try. We are not disappointed, and neither will you be! It smells like lavender blooming next to our bright green mint leaves! Both relaxing and refreshing – a step up from the traditional lavender fragrance.

Lemon Verbena – Always a favorite of ours any time of year – this dazzling, zesty fragrance/essential oil blend brightens up the room and seems to clear out unwanted scents. (I love the fragrance of cooking – but not lingering smells!) Better than just a lemon, this captures the freshness of the bloom and combines it with fresh-cut lemon.

Lemongrass – A favorite of one of the PLC family, we decided it was time to share. The tang of lemon and the outdoor freshness of cut grass! Just like that wonderful herb used in cooking! Clean, fresh, uplifting.

Orange Blossom – Intoxicating fragrance of fresh orange blossoms – Now you can savor the scent all year long! A delicate balance of sweet and fresh, blended with essential oils, this fragrance is addicting! No more waiting for my citrus trees to blossom, and no more sadness when the flowers fall.

Orange Creamsicle – Reminiscent of those sweet, creamy ice cream treats with that orange outer coating folded around delicious vanilla. YUM.

Pineapple – Sweet, mouth-watering pineapple fresh from the plant and cut on the spot! Juicy, and invigorating!

Pumpkin Pie – Think warm, spicy, buttery pumpkin pie fresh from the oven! Then top it off with vanilla whipped cream! Yum! Infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

Red Ginger Saffron – We LOVE this fragrance with its zest and vigor of fresh-cut ginger root and the underlying tones of saffron, cardamom, and lemongrass. It is so uplifting and different! “Wow!” is the normal response – as the eyes widen and a smile overtakes. This fragrance is infused with essential oils for an added kick.

Rosemary – True-to-life invigorating and mind-lifting fragrance & essential oil combination that will knock your socks off!

Ruby Red Grapefruit – What can match the fragrance of a fresh-cut grapefruit? The succulent pulp and the sharp juice glistening in the morning light. Good morning!!! We do love the uplifting fragrance of grapefruit, and this meets our every desire!

Saffron & Cedar – We have added this because it surprised us in such a healthy way. Perhaps it is the base of vetiver and musk that lures us. It is hard to not keep picking it up and breathing in deeply. Well, breathing deeply is encouraged, so we bought a larger bottle and are eager to share this fragrance of cedar surrounded by the soft background players of saffron, violet, & geranium.

Vanilla & Pears – Another twist on the traditional vanilla (see caramelized pralines fragrance for the other). Warm and soft vanilla balanced perfectly with fresh pears make this fragrance delicious, yet calming and centering. Not too sweet, not too fruity. Juuuusstt right. Very popular.

White Birch – A crisp, aromatic outdoors fragrance with the brightness of eucalyptus & cypress, and slight undertones of sweet tonka beans. Infused with natural essential oils, including fir needle oil, cedarwood oil, eucalyptus oil, patchouli oil, and cedar leaf oil. We used this unique fragrance in our White Birch Bark soap!

MANdles Fragrance Line:

The Bee Keeper – Soft, sweet honey oozing from the hive, set in a field of gentle spring wildflowers. Truly a pleasant and unique fragrance!

The Businessman – Deeply rich fragrance reminding one of a high-end cologne. Alluring and sensual.

The Farmer – This is our lemongrass fragrance – grassy green meets lemon zest. Fresh outdoors fragrance!

The Rancher – Earthy and intriguing proprietary blend of leather and woods. Masculine and comforting, grounding fragrance.

The Soldier – Clean, freshly showered fragrance that won’t linger as perfumey. Clean and straight-standing fragrance.

Buttercup’s Boutique Fragrance Line:

Baby Powder – This smells like baby powder!

Fruity Juice Box – This smells like fruit punch!

Relaxing Lavender – This smells like the flower buds!

Orange Creamsicle – This smells like the ice cream treat!

Perky Pineapple – This smells like freshly cut pineapple!

Sweet Strawberry – This smells like sweet strawberries!

Vanilla Dreams – This smells like yummy vanilla!