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Prairie Lights Handcrafted Soap

Our goal for our handcrafted soap is to reduce the toxic load to your body & environment without sacrificing beauty and luxury! We strive to create conditioning handcrafted soap that are sensually appealing and that make you feel pampered! No harsh detergents – only skin-loving organic oils and ingredients!

In addition to being a luxurious, ECO-FRIENDLY, and affordable gift for anyone:

  • Our soaps are true soap – using premium, CONDITIONING oils that have been saponified
  • No detergents
  • We use certified organic ingredients when economically available
  • We research our skin-loving ingredients
  • Many of our soaps are fragranced with proprietary blends of essential oils

A luxurious bar of skin-loving handcrafted soap awakens and connects your senses! The creamy lather soft against your skin, the warm fragrance wafting up, the glistening bubbles smiling brightly, the soothing sound of water as it joins your body and then gently washes away your worries…

We are in constant pursuit of prime ingredients. Therefore we may switch out or up on ingredients, in order to provide you with the highest quality of skin-loving ingredients in an affordable product.


You can purchase our soaps from our Etsy Store or from our “Shop” page.

And don’t forget to use a soap deck to dry out your bar between uses, making it last much longer!


cedar soap deck


Cedar Soap Deck – Cedar is eco-friendly and resists mold & mildew that can happen in the humid bathroom. A soap deck is critical to allowing your soap to dry out between uses, so it will last longer!