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Why Do We Skip Sulfates in Our Products?

Why Do We Skip Sulfates in Our Products?

As you may have seen us post on our website, blog, etsy, and facebook page, we skip sulfates in our products. Our products are #paraben-free, #phthalate-free, #petroleum-free, as well as #sulfate-free! You can even select the option of #fragrance-free for all of our products.

We do a lot of shopping on Vitacost. One of our recent orders had their “Healthy Living Delivered” brochure featuring brief overviews on why going “free” is the choice many people make. We so wholeheartedly agree and appreciate the aesthetically appealing presentations, that I searched for it online in order to share it with you. I could not find a link, but I did find this article called “5 Reasons to Skip Sulfates“. Please enjoy their post!

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